“Bratty Nat” Pet Nat

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Cloudy apple juice, shaved parmesan and ocean spray sit side by side with the spritzy lime zest and yeasty complexity. Crushed shell and saltbush remind us of the proximity of the vineyard to the ocean. This is both chunky and controlled at the same time, swagging its weight about on the palate, delivering a combination of high class French cider merged with classic WA vitality of orchard fruit. White pepper, granny smith, pecorino, muslin cloth and Geraldton wax flower.

Made in the most ancient way: the grapes are picked from the vine, brought into the winery, pressed and left alone to ferment using only the wild yeast indigenous to the vineyard and winery.  The wine then undergoes its secondary fermentation in bottle without sulphur. The resulting ‘pet nat’, short for ‘petillant naturel’ is an irresistible partner for food or just an exciting drink on its own. 

Made is small batches annually which quickly sell out.